‘Think’ identity is a Clever Animations for IBM

 ‘Think’ identity is a Clever Animations for IBM

Partnering with agency Athletics NYC, ZEITGUISEDs Foam Studio has developed a series of creative interpretations of the ‘Think’ wordmark to be used as the identity for IBM’s inaugural ‘Think’ conference.

By manipulating different forms within the confines of the word ‘think’, foam magnified the concepts of intelligent self-organizing systems and matter being shaped by information flows.

The ‘Think’ visuals and animations were used in the entire communication and physical appearance of the conference, as well as for illustrating visuals within the talks, on the conference website and across social media platforms. 

To bring that to life, Foam – the commercial wing of Berlin studio Zeitguised – was enlisted by branding agency Athletics to develop to develop a series of interpretations of the computer giants’ “Think” wordmark. “We loved collaborating with athletics, who had a clear vision for the bigger picture but gave us the freedom to develop our own ideas within their concept,” Foam’s Henrik Mauler told us.

October 14th, 2018